Insurian created LifeGAP™ as an innovative approach to offer consumers
comprehensive protection for their entire loan or lease


As the first ever multiple events GAP product in the world, your customers receive added protection in the event of Involuntary Unemployment, Physical Disability and more on top of the traditional benefits of Total Loss or Unrecovered Theft. Now that’s Value! This additional Layer of assurance enables your customers to secure themselves today from the uncertainty of tomorrow while providing increased sales and profits for your organization.
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For Your Customers

  • Empower their next auto loan or lease with a new car return policy
  • Protects from deficiency balance or depreciation after insurance payout
  • Backed by worldwide AM Best A-rated insurance companies
  • Uber/Lyft “ride-share” uses permitted
  • Total loss coverage
  • Vehicle return policy & 3-month payment relief benefits
  • Coverage up to $175,000 amount financed
  • Coverage for the entire loan or lease term
  • Choose from multiple LifeGAP™ options for more protection

For Your Business

  • Cost-effective market differentiator – advertise a “Guaranteed Vehicle Return”
  • Ability to white label a Complimentary VRP product to build your brand
  • Effective tool for customer acquisition & retention
  • Helps retain financing through the dealership
  • Cost is mitigated when upgraded to a Full-Term LifeGAP™ product
  • Protect more borrowers
  • Increase non-interest income
  • Improve customer retention by incentivizing them to finance their next vehicle with your brand

Total Protection for Your
Customers & Your Business

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