Revolutionizing the Consumer Protection Industry


Accelerate sales & increase profits

Our innovative approach to market differentiation, profit generation and ability to increase CSI, customer loyalty and referrals sets us apart from the competition. We improve the customer experience through our unique process, comprehensive suite of high-quality products and customer centric strategy, designed to enhance the ownership experience and ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction.   Transformation, Innovation and disintermediation are raising consumer buying expectations and dealers across the country need to lead the charge in the communities they serve.  A  personalized approach and road map are table stakes in todays consumer centric environment.  Insurian is the partner that delivers.



Increase loan volume & fee income

Our innovative digital platform and proprietary analytics allows you to efficiently communicate value-based messages at strategic moments of your customer’s decision-making journey. By offering resources and guidance throughout the buying process, you can demonstrate the long-term value of our products and build customer loyalty. These customer touch points also provide critical opportunities to open new revenue streams, upselling customers with specialized bundles of relevant products. Finally, seamlessly track and report on all of your lending and consumer product success with powerful up-to-the-minute report dashboards. Insurian is the partner that delivers.


The Insurian Difference

Our breadth of services and industry knowledge allow us to understand each client’s unique business needs. From a comprehensive suite of consumer protection products to industry-specific marketing insights and solutions, Insurian’s client-driven products, services and engagement will help you raise the bar on the performance of your organization.

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Protection Products

Consumer protection products designed to help you increase value at each point in your sales process.  Service contracts, appearance protection and debt protection products designed to protect your customers, generate more sales and increase your bottom line.


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Marketing Services

Our proprietary data enrichment and analytic tools, combined with our custom communication strategies builds mindshare with your customers that results in increased sales, loyalty and referrals. 


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A New Era of Creativity

Innovation at every step of the process. Leverage the power of dynamic communication, customer-level personalization, and cutting-edge tools to reinvent how you interact with customers.

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Customer-Centric Focus

Close the gap between you and your customers. Our deep industry knowledge and in-depth consumer research allows you to create strategic touch points throughout your customer’s journey designed to boost confidence, add value, and increase customer satisfaction.

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The Power of Digital

Employ robust digital platforms, advanced sales tools, and intelligent automation solutions to grow your customer base, streamline processes and turbocharge your loan volume.

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Client Empowerment

Take advantage of our coalition of industry professionals, extensive resources and personalized business plans to maximize your team’s effectiveness.

Strategic Alliances & Partnerships

Our lineup of the world’s most financially sound A-rated insurance companies, state-of-the-art software providers, financial professionals, administration platforms, compliance resources, data analytics and customer relationship resources in the industry allows us to deliver measurable and sustainable results, quickly.

David B.

Dealer owner

“When we initially sat down with the team at Insurian in search of new ideas and a new direction, they became the obvious choice with fresh approach, industry knowledge and their honest feedback.  We just accomplish more as we continue to engage them in growing our business.”

John K.


“When we decided to evaluate our products and come up with new ideas to grow our business, Insurian exceeded our expectations and even recommended other companies and courses of action to help our business succeed.”

Barry K.

Strategic Alliance Partner

“We have been very impressed with the honesty and transparency of the leadership of Insurian and their cutting edge approach to business.  What they do for clients and how they care about every customer experience is something truly special in our industry.“